Busy season

December 30, 2012


Every minute I do something other than my normal work means one extra minute must be spent later. It is the busy season for what I do and I have non-stop work. In Oct/Nov/Dec I banked enough to buy a nice German car, not even including investment income or rental income. I am that much closer. I am also starting to ignore other things that used to catch my attention: gas prices, energy prices, food prices. I just don’t care because those things are such a small percentage of my income. Fewer things to worry about. All good. Short entry this time because work continues for me here. Happy New Year. I’ll be right here typing as 2012 ticks over to 2013. Maybe I’ll reach my goal in 2013 and by the end of that year I’ll be in my new place in the USA and this present one, hopefully, will be rented to some researcher with a large expense account.