Signing off

May 25, 2014


I made it. In fact, as of today, I am about $25K over the million mark.

It is enough. I am winding down my business here, though I will keep a few of my best clients. However, I will no longer manage ‘client burn’ as I will be spending much of my time in the USA, starting this year.

I traveled to the USA in April and purchased a brand new home. It is being built now so I am back in Asia. During my time here, I will look into preparing my current place as a rental unit (finding a manager, etc.) and if that’s not feasible I’ll sell it. The other place I have here does rent very well and I plan to keep renting it as long as possible. The income has been steady and there’s hardly any work associated with it. If it ever gets to be too much work, I’ll sell that one too. They have both appreciated nicely, and the dollar’s fallen relative to this currency, making them worth even more when priced in dollars. In fact, in my calculations I have them very conservatively priced. I probably have another $30K at least in real value between the two of them.

My USA home is going to be very nice. Eventually I’ll add a pool and custom landscaping. At present I am thinking about which car to get. I test-drove a Mercedes E350 and an Infiniti Q. The former was too staid and sedan-like and the latter, while very quick, was too loud on the highway. I am going back during the construction, and while there, I’ll test drive a few BMWs and maybe a Jaguar XF 5.0. I also have to select furniture and window covering. The house has 33+ windows to cover!

So that’s it. In 2007 I was nearly broke and moved here not because I like living here but because this was the place where I could put my hard-wrought skill to work. I focused solely on making money and spent every living breathing moment considering ways to grow my business and save enough to live in a better place, comfortably. The USA is one of the most advanced nations on Earth BUT only if you have money. If you are poor and live there you may as well live in a third-world country; you’ll be safer, healthier, and most likely happier. I would not want to live in the USA poor.

However, if you have money, you can enjoy what is likely the highest standard of living on the planet. You can afford better food, the best health care, a low-crime area in which to live, and generally can get anything available for sale on the planet at some of the lowest prices. The infrastructure is developed and as long as you avoid high-crime areas and situations, the country is comfortable. It’s an easy life and an enjoyable existence.

And I have earned it, in just over 7 years ————— from ZERO to ONE MILLION DOLLARS, in about 86 months.

If I can do it, anyone can. You won’t get there if you are waiting for it to fall in your lap or if you think you ‘re entitled to it or if you think your government will make it happen.

It’s all on you.

See that guy in the blue jeans, looks about mid-40s but in good shape, sitting there sipping a latte like he has all the time in the world? Wonder what he does… where he works and lives… look at that car. How does he afford that and sit here on a weekday? Oh sure, he’s probably in debt up to his eyeballs and hates his job, living paycheck to paycheck.

That’s fine. Keep telling yourself that.


Good luck and goodbye.