Very busy and good progress

December 21, 2011



The month of November was a record month and so the number gets a good bump down. Not much else going on but for some reason things have kicked into a new gear with my little venture.

2011 will mark the most money I have made in my entire life in one year.


Less worry

December 3, 2011



Today I went into a body shop while Christmas shopping. I bought three bottles of body lotion and some soap in a kind of a set and the total was a little more than $70. The first feeling was shock at the price for just a bunch of scented skin cream and a bar of soap, but then it hit me: it doesn’t matter anymore. I am starting to experience the reduced utility value of money. Every day, my net worth changes by hundreds or even thousands depending on my investments, and a change of $70 there equates to no change. 


I don’t spend a lot around Christmas but it’s nice not to have to worry about things like that. I also noticed that I am not looking at the prices of food as much anymore. If it’s good and it’s good for me and I want it I just buy it — again I just don’t spend a lot on food to really worry. It’s not going to prevent me at all from saving more than 95% of my income every money if the oranges are $5 a bag one week and $6 the next. It’s becoming noise, and I am starting to tune it out.


Number doesn’t change but I just had a record setting month (November). If everyone pays on time and pays correctly or even comes close, I can drop that number around Christmas.