Still 91

April 2, 2012


I have checked out buying an apartment here and furnishing it and then renting it by the month to international students (or anyone really who will sign a contract). It seems no one has thought of this yet here. Most international students come here — and there are more and more of them – and they don’t want the hassle of going out to find furniture – especially because 1) most of what’s available here is absolute junk unless you go to Costco – that’s what protected markets get you: high-priced garbage for the domestic market, and 2) the furniture sellers don’t speak English or any other language except their own. 

The return appears to be about 8% – not high but not low. Still looking into this.

Another interesting diversion has been social lending (there are two well-known sites for this). I have been ramping up my amounts there and am getting just more than 1% a month on some very conservative choices. Of the more than 150 “loans” I have, only two have defaulted. I am going to continue to make regular deposits into this experiment and reinvest the proceeds too. We’ll see how that goes.

March was very busy – no new records but in the top 10 months overall. No change in my number as I am depreciating assets (see earlier post). It seems my averages are rising. Traveling in May and June.