Oops I did it again

March 23, 2012


Yeah I know. Dumb title.

Ok. I am over it.

Here’s the motivation: my work just keeps getting busier and busier. I like to be successful but every month that goes by, at the end of the month I add things up and, recently, I have been looking at that number and thinking: Well, that’s an aberration. It won’t happen again next month…

And it does. Five straight months of a significantly higher bottom line.

I am looking at more property lately – mainly for income but also as a place to store cash. I view income producing property as simply another form of bank account. I actually feel better with assets tied up in property then I would if the entire amount was sitting in a few banks all in currency. Keep up with this blog and I’ll put the info here on anything I buy — as long as I keep making entries. I am anticipating reaching my goals (visualization?) and wondering practically what I will do with it.

My number doesn’t change. I am depreciating things I don’t want to sell, like all my gold and a few other valuable things that were part of that number but don’t have to be.  Soon enough that number will have to change though.