Big slug and a returning client

November 21, 2011


Today a major client paid for some long-term work and another very good client who moved to another university contacted my company from there, suggesting that his department make use of my services. This is very good, as the work from him was relatively less demanding. Plus, he has good funding from sponsors (always important in research) which as far as I am concerned means no slow-pay issues with him or anyone associated with him.

So today was a good deal all around, and the big deposit was enough for me to begin the countdown with some certainty even considering a big market decline (which I feel is a little overdue). So, I am hedged somewhat against that.

Next up is the end of the month stuff in about 10 days — I really never know what’s coming in as those who pay me do so at different and unpredictable times throughout the month. Plus, my investments are up and down so I still don’t know if I can take it down more.

Finally, I am very conservative in my estimates! Each number represents 1% from where I started but adding a strong measure of certainty given currency fluctuations, client burn, major market declines, and tax surprises. As I buy property and other things that hold their value better than paper currency (which I don’t like and don’t have much of), I find that governments of all sorts want their cut.


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