Status update

November 4, 2011


I don’t really like what I do.

But, it will make me a million dollars. Eventually.

Without going into much detail, here are the details: I live abroad (I am from the USA), where I have a small online business serving the research community. The pay ranges from fair to unreal, depending on the task at hand. I run everything from my home office, which is located in a small apartment that I own. I am very busy, and I save well more than 90% of my income.

This country is a bland and not very appealing place to live. It is polluted, crowded, and expensive, with all three right here where I live. However, I can’t leave because the nature of my work requires me to meet with people here in order to offset client burn (to replace clients who simply disappear or who move on and no longer need my service). I do this about twice a month.

This blog will chronicle my advance to one million dollars. I have different things that go into that number (like this apartment, and other things that constitute my net worth), but I’ll update this blog with changes in my status in the form of a new post and an update to this number: “100” is today’s number and it will inevitably decline as I get closer to a true million-dollar net worth. The formula that determines how that number goes down isn’t straightforward but when it hits zero I will have unequivocally made it.

When I hit my goal, plus a little over to buy a ticket back to the US, this blog will end and I will slip comfortably into obscurity, and freedom.


2 Responses to “Status update”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Wow. You live in a bland, uninteresting, polluted, crowded, expensive country. You don’t really like what you do. You are single so no relationship, no children? And you’ve been doing it for six years now, according to your comment on Free Money Finance? Sounds like you’re trading quality of life for some magic number, like one million dollars? And assuming you get your all important money you plan is to slip back into the US and live a life of obscurity? I guess there is freedom in that, but sure sounds lonely, and frankly boring to me. Sure hope some of my assumptions are wrong. There is much more to life than pursuit of the almighty dollar my friend.

  2. Hello — my life isn’t boring. One thing having good income and no kids allows is a lot of travel – whenever and wherever I want to go. I am more an introvert, so a few close friends rather than scads of acquaintances suits me. I certainly don’t need fancy anything – a good quality and average priced car and a small condo will work in the US. Essentially I work hard, like quiet places, and want freedom – for me that’s no money worries and 100% free time. I can see it at this point. I evolved into what I do, and I never thought I’d be in this position. This countdown chronicles the last leg of this effort before I retire.

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